Question 1 : How is Speed of Sound different from other e-commerce platform?

Answer: Speed of Sound is a very innovative record label that is allowing artists to sell their original music to potential customers like Video content creators (example: Youtubers), Independent film makers, dancers, fashion designers and other people from the non creative fields. Furthermore, the artists get a chance to be commercially launched by our record label Speed of Sound Records on our streaming platforms.                                                                                              

"SOS Collaboration" is an aspect of our platform that is soon to come! It is going to be an amazing feature that is going to build a community of artists from different fields of work to come to a platform such as ours and explore each other's portfolio of work. We are talking about artists like dancers, fashion designers, musicians, independent filmmakers, Youtubers, content creators etc. The list is endless. This platform is going to facilitate an in-chat portal which will enable artists to directly communicate with potential collaborators. It is also going to be a platform where one can post jobs, look for work etc. We can't be more excited to be launching this feature by the end of February 2021.

Question 2: How can the customer use your music ?

Answer: The customer will only be permitted to use your music as royalty-free music.

Question 3: How does Speed of Sound launch artists on streaming platforms ?

Answer: We as a record label have a dedicated marketing team to promote our artists from the platform in collaboration with a social climber "Reverse Thought Creative Studio". Our promotional plan to launch the artist on streaming platforms includes the increase in the outreach of our artist, exposure to new audiences and popularity of the artist on our platforms will be the launch of the artist. This is your platform, your music label and this is your launch.

Question 4: Do you have to give away the copyright of your music to sell music ?

Answer: Absolutely not! The artists are only permitting us a record label to license music for royalty-free usage by customers.

Question 5: Do you have to log in separately as an artist to sell music ?

Answer: Not needed. You can use one email id to have access as a Customer and Artist.

Question 6: Can we purchase any music ?

Answer: Speed of Sound is a platform that only caters to selling music of artists who have singed up with us. This music is licensed by Speed of Sound Records as royalty-free music that could be used by the buyer in multiple different ways.

Question 7: How do we download the tracks ?

Answer: As a registered customer on our platform, it is mandatory for the listeners to purchase the royalty-free music that they wish to use in their collaborations or content. This will be only be a one-time purchase and you will have unlimited access to the music.